Band Championship Practice 10/30 @BVW

Musicians participate in last practice before heading to Championships.

Morgan Magee, Photographer

Junior Juliana Holmes gave a beautiful performance during practice. (Morgan Magee)
BVW band listening to last-minute corrections from band directors. (Morgan Magee)
BVW band mid-performance working hard to stay in lines. (Morgan Magee)
BVW band member and band director walking to set up for performance. (Morgan Magee)
Sophomore Reese O’Neal gave a great last performance with a big smile. (Morgan Magee)
Brett Garlett conducted the BVW band for the last practice run-through. (Morgan Magee)
Freshman Michelle Young setting up for final practice before championships. (Morgan Magee)
Up close shot of the BVW band practicing for championships. (Morgan Magee)
BVW color guard waving some beautiful purple flags while practicing. (Morgan Magee)
BVW band hard at work mid practice. (Morgan Magee)
Sophomore Marzette Hjortshoj setting up for the big practice. (Morgan Magee)
BVW band member listening to last-minute corrections. (Morgan Magee)
Senior Jade Cale giving a nice smile to the camera while practicing. (Morgan Magee)
BVW Band members setting up for a final practice at BVW before getting on the bus. (Morgan Magee)