Pep Assembly 11/5/21

Drum Major Brett Garlett leads the marching band during their performance at the assembly. (Maddie Merchant)


BVW Color Guard performs with the marching band at the assembly. (Maddie Merchant)


Sophomore Silas Baldwin plays his baritone during the marching band’s performance, “Skewed”. (Maddie Merchant)


Senior Nelda Summerlin loudly cheers at the assembly. (Maddie Merchant)


Senior Anna Kratochvil performs during BVW Cheer’s Lady Gaga routine. (Maddie Merchant)


Junior Ashley Benson, JPCO member, speaks to the crowd at the assembly. (Maddie Merchant)


BVW Soccer Players stand proudly for all their hard work this season. (Maddie Merchant)


Junior Ellie Vaughan, Choir member, performs a duet with peer Faith Hallbrook. (Maddie Merchant)


Junior Faith Hallbrook sings a duet with Ellie Vaughan. (Maddie Merchant)


Junior Lake Ryan cheers on his classmate, Cameron Reid, during the musical chairs game. (Maddie Merchant)


Senior Charlie Mahony talks about tonight’s game with Senior Gage Roach. (Maddie Merchant)


Senior Gage Roach cheers in excitement for tonight’s game against Blue Valley High. (Maddie Merchant)


Grace Herndez performs “Macbeth” with fellow theater members. (Maddie Merchant)


BVW Theater member performs “Macbeth” with her peers. (Maddie Merchant)


BVW students join together singing the Alma Mater. (Maddie Merchant)