Jaguars attended Homecoming Dance in Record Numbers

Students of all grades participate in long-awaited school dance

Jaguars attended Homecoming Dance in Record Numbers

Sweat dripped down from foreheads as students of all grades, freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior were every where, dancing, talking, singing, and of course having fun. BV West students attended the Sept. 18 Homecoming Dance in record numbers with over 1000 in attendance.

The Jaguars came together with and without dates to enjoy their first school dance in almost two years. The event a huge dance and singing party.

“The Homecoming Dance was so much fun, I had a blast, dancing and singing with my best friends,” freshman Addison Glaves said.

“The dance was very uneventful and bland. But I loved hanging out with my friends and getting ready and taking pictures together,” freshman Rinnah Roberts said.

The dance theme was the Wizard of Oz. Student Council and the Jaguar Pride Coalition planned and decorated for the dance. The Saturday night event was the culmination of a week of spirit days, a carnival, and a dual crowning at the football game halftime. Seniors Nelda Summerlin and Brett Garlett were crowned as Homecoming Queen and King respectively.