Fall Sports Assembly 08/26

Alli Kushner

Senior McCartney Franklin sings with Ellie Vaughan. (Alli Kushner)
Kaylan Cornelius
Kaylan Cornelius
Kaylan Cornelius
At the end of the cheer performance, sophomore Maggie Reecht and senior Kyra Michelson spirit at the end. (Alli Kushner)
During the class competition, junior Mia Rodriguez shows her spirit. (Alli Kushner)
Players from each fall sport compete in an egg cracking trivia game. (Alli Kushner)
Senior Kelly Husted runs the new staff ‘finish the lyric’ game at the assembly on 08/26. (Alli Kushner)
Senior Kylie Ulrich walks across the gym with the varsity tennis team. (Alli Kushner)
Junior Connor Boudreaux walks with the varsity soccer team as they are being recognized. (Alli Kushner)
Playing the trumpet, she plays during the fight song. (Alli Kushner)
Before the start of the assembly, JPCo circled up to get in the spirit. (Alli Kushner)