Girls JV Soccer vs. Manhattan 3/25

Sophomore Megan Fritz throws in the ball within the first few minutes of the game. (Morgan White)
Graycen Sherwood kicks the ball past the goalie, almost scoring a goal for the Jaguars. (Morgan White)
Megan Walters dribbles ball through opponent from Manhattan (Morgan White)
Sophomore Abigail M. kicks the ball into play. (Morgan White)
Sophomore Halee Horner receives a pass from teammate. (Morgan White)
Freshman Jackie S. dribbles the soccer ball down the field, looking for an open pass. (Morgan White)
Sophomore Megan Walters crosses the ball into teammate in the center of the field. (Morgan White)
Katie Kwon shoots and scores a goal for the Jags. (Morgan White)
Graycen Sherwood shoots the ball into the goal. (Morgan White)
Graycen Sherwood races opponent from Manhattan to the ball before rolling out of bounds. (Morgan White)
Sophomore Katie Kwon dribbles toward the goal. (Morgan White)
Katie Kwon celebrates after teammate scores a goal for the Jaguars. (Morgan White)