Wigs and Waves

Seniors Jessica Baker and Elizabeth Mulholland collect hair as JPCo Medallion Project


Audrey Glander

Junior Hannah Smith has more than 8" of hair removed and donated to make a wig for a child with pediatric cancer.

Staff, Anna Parry, Mariana Pulido, Audrey Glander, Molly Schwabauer, and Lauren Levine

“Wigs and Waves had a huge turnout today with 72 girls and 366 inches of hair.” senior Elizabeth Mulholland said.

Senior Jessica Baker and Mulholland happened upon the project that allowed donors to give hair to help create wigs for pediatric cancer patients or  help soak up oil spills in the ocean. They chose to develop a BV West event for a requirement in their 7th Block class, Jaguar Pride Coalition.

JPCo has long been admired for their organization at assemblies and attendance at sporting events and activities. The last two years the group of selected student leaders were each required to develop Medallion Projects.

Baker and Mulholland chose Wigs and Waves. They and their surrogates sat at a table during lunch in an attempt to solicit possible donors. By Thursday they had almost 50 donors. They also collected monetary donations for those not in a position or brave enough to have their hair cut in the Faculty Dining Room.

Donors began reporting to the FDR as early as 8:30 a.m. Reservations were double filled for most time slots. The event became so popular throughout the day that there was often a wait of more than 30 minutes to have hair stylists from Mitsu Sato Hair Academy trim their hair.

“We gave three inches as a minimum and eight inches because we knew most people would do three,” Mulholland said. “But my goal would be for this project to continue and eventually only have the eight inches as a minimum because that goes to make wigs for cancer patients which is really important to me.”

The Arshad family donated the most hair with junior Michelle Arshad donating 18 inches and freshman Mashail giving 8″.

Audrey Glander
Junior Hannah Smith has more than 8″ of hair removed and donated to make a wig for a child with pediatric cancer.