New Traditions for Jaguar Football

Records do not tell the whole story, team and family come first


Anna Parry

Game team captains senior Blake Goodale and junior Ben Coates walk together to meet the opposing captains from St. Thomas Aquinas on Sept. 21

The football program added several new traditions in 2017 to create a more family aspect to the team experience. Many students at BV West participate in Jaguar football and the new additions change their perspective on the benefits of the sport beyond winning and losing.

Three players expressed strong feelings about the new activities. Senior Jack Michelson participated in several new events labeled as part of the new traditions.

“I’ve participated in all of the fun activities we added this year,”Michelson said. “The mom clinics are the best, my mom looked forward to it all summer. Probably the best tradition we do is the dad vs. player 7 on 7 game, it’s really fun to see the dads try to keep up with us.”

The mom’s and dad’s clinics provided ways to get all members of player’s families involved. Although some students have a single dad or mother, they all felt welcomed on the fields.

Senior Jake Kidd concurred that the new family traditions were good for the team, noting that in the future he felt it would be perceived as a family program.” 

“We also have a night where we play football with dads so I think the tradition is doing a good job of making BVW football a family program.” Kidd said.

Jaguar football also added traditions into the stands. Sophomore Evan Gronek talked briefly on the changes when asked what his favorite new tradition was.

“I think the thing with the drum and Jack Mahony banging on it is pretty dope.” Gronek said.

Many new traditions have been added to make BV West football a more family program and bring the players closer together. Freshmen, sophomores, junior varsity players and varsity participated in the new activities as Coach Josh Koerkenmeier demonstrated that he valued family over a win/loss record.