Boys soccer varsity game against BVSW 10/21

Jags lose final match of the season but enter play-offs as Top Seed.


Senior Connor Plant warming up before the game against Southwest.

Senior Ryan Neil warming up saving goals before the game.

Senior Ryan Neil caught the ball saving it from going into the goal to warm up.

Senior Ryan Neil diving to save the ball from going into the goal.

Senior Connor Plant kicking the ball down the field in a game against Southwest.

Senior Connor Plant reacted to the call after they gave another player a yellow card.

Senior Cooper Forcellini running the ball down the field playing offense against BVSW.

Senior Cooper Forcellini playing defense against BVSW.

Senior Blake Barrick stops the ball waiting for his team to get into position.

Senior Ian Muhlbach racing down the field to get the ball back from a player on Southwest.

Senior Luis Masroua running down the field

Senior Blake Barrick running down the soccer field in the game against Southwest.