Mamma Mia Musical 2/9

Juniors William Hunt and Ellen Kryer enter stage in fishing gear. (Alli Kushner)
Through her role as Sophie Sheridan, sophomore Lily seitz wowed the audience song after song. (Anna Kratochvil )
Money, Money, Money! Sophomore Kennedy White played Donna Sheridan as she sang of the troubles of being a poor woman in a rich man’s world. (Anna Kratochvil )
True Love. In the role of Sky and Sophie, McCarthy Franklin and Lily Seitz serenaded one another throughout the show. (Anna Kratochvil )
Supertrooper! Donna and the Dynamos poured their hearts out as the collectively sang fan favorite song, Supertrooper. (Anna Kratochvil )
As she danced front row in many of the musical numbers, Senior Mahika Meesa gave the show her all. (Anna Kratochvil )
Junior Ellie Vaughn perfectly Embodied during Mamma Mia (Anna Kratochvil )
Does Your Mother Know? Ellie Vaughn and Connor Plant struck an inspiring final pose together at the end of the number along with many members of the ensemble and featured dancers. (Anna Kratochvil)
Senior Cooper Holmes as Harry Bright and Sophomore Kennedy White as Donna Sheridan share a moment as their characters reminisce about their past. (Anna Kratochvil )
Sophomore Kennedy White pours her heart out on the stage while performing Mama Mia. (Mackenzie Leece)
Donna and the Dynamos share a special hug while performing Mama Mia on 02/09. (Mackenzie Leece)
Perfecting her role in Mama Mia, sophomore Lily Seitz amazes the audience with her amazing use of emotion. (Mackenzie Leece)
Senior Caleb Lightner shocks the crowd with his amazing singing skills while performing his role in Mama Mia. (Mackenzie Leece)
Juniors Ellie Vaughn and Ellen Kryer comfort sophomore Kennedy White on February 9th in their roles in Mama Mia. (Mackenzie Leece)
Sophmore Lily Seitz Amazed the crowd with her amazing performance on February 9th. (Mackenzie Leece)
Under The Spotlight
Senior Caleb Lightner preforms his role in Mama Mia on February 9th. (Mackenzie Leece)
Mama Mia!
Perfecting her role as Donna under The Spotlight sophomore Kennedy White sings her heart out on stage. (Mackenzie Leece)
Sophomore Lily seitz amazes the audience with her amazing singing skill while acting as Sophie in Mama Mia. (Mackenzie Leece)
Fever Dream
Junior McCarthy Franklin and sophmore Lily Seitz act in the nightmare scene in Sophies dream before the wedding. (Mackenzie Leece)
Junior Ellie Vaughn embodies her characters sassy attitude while preforming Mama Mia on February 9th. (Mackenzie Leece)
Tell Me Tell Me: The three friends join together while reading Donna’s diary
(Mackenzie Leece)
Under The Spotlight
Sophomore Kennedy White transforms into her character Donna on February 9th while performing in Mama Mia. (Mackenzie Leece)
Mackenzie Leece
Don’t Go Wasting Your Emotion
The Blue Valley West theater program performed Mama Mia on February 9th. Sophomore Lily Sietz plays the role of Sophie and Junior McCarthy Franklin plays the role of Sky. (Mackenzie Leece)
Sophomore Rebecca Flores danced to the beat during the encore of the musical along with the rest of the cast. (Anna Kratochvil )
In the encore of Mamma Mia, all of the leads came out and dances to Waterloo in their best disco suits. (Anna Kratochvil )
Standing by her side, juniors Ellie Vaughn and Ellen Kryer comfort sophomore Kennedy White with song during the Blue Valley West production of Mamma Mia. (Grace Keller)
tossing about the stage, junior Will Hunt gets tugged back and forth by fellow castmates at the Blue Valley West theater production of Mammia Mia. Will delivered an astonishing performance as one of the male leads, Bill Anderson. (Grace Keller)
Singing about the stage, junior Sophia Carey sings and dances her heart out at the BVW theatre’s performance of the musical Mamma Mia. (Grace Keller)
Juniors Ellen Kryer and Will Hunt deliver an unforgettable number during the Blue Valley West theater production of Mamma Mia. (Grace Keller)
Taking the spotlight, junior Ellie Vaughn poses extravagantly with senior Connor Plant at the BVW production of Mamma Mia. (Grace Keller)
Engulfed by blanket and song, sophomore lead Lilly Seitz gazes into the audience during the BVW theater production of Mamma Mia. (Grace Keller)
Serenading his costar with a song, senior Cooper Holmes performs effortlessly alongside sophomore Kennedy White at the BVW production of Mamma Mia. (Grace Keller)
Ellen Kryer, a junior, sings as she travels across the stage. (Alli Kushner)
Mitchell Bullis, Connor Plant, and Mihir Apte end the show together with a bow. (Alli Kushner)
In the wedding scene, Lilly Seitz (sophomore) and Kennedy White (sophomore) walk down center stage together. (Alli Kushner)
Donna, played by sophomore Kennedy White, sings with passion before the wedding. (Alli Kushner)
Singing during the Donna and the Dynamite performance, Kennedy White (sophomore) takes center stage. (Alli Kushner)
Preforming alongside her cast, Ellie Vaughan a junior sings. (Alli Kushner)
Singing with huge smiles, Kennedy White (sophomore) and Ellie Vaughan (junior) capture attention. (Alli Kushner)
Ellen Kryer, Kennedy White, and Ellie Vaughan take the stage together to sing. (Alli Kushner)
Ellie Vaughan, a junior, dances in a scene with Donna and the Dynamite. (Alli Kushner)
Playing Donna, Tanya, and Rosie – juniors Ellen Kryer and Ellie Vaughan and sophomore Kennedy White – theater students perform for their classmates and teachers. (Alli Kushner)