Cross Country Event @ Lexington Lake Park 9/15/22


It was a heated competition in weather and in sports as multiple teams would line up at Lexington Lake Park to break some PB’s and get those leg muscles ready for the year!

Amazing! An exhausted Aiden Koudele is running past the competition in this photo. (Julian Duarte)

What a start! BV West cross country tries to pull ahead of the competition to start off a strong race at a cross country meet in Lexington Lake Park (Andy Duarte)

That form! Aiden Koudele is rushing ahead of other schools in the cross country meet (Andy Duarte)

Too easy! Luke Bandre pulls ahead of other team’s runners at the cross country meet (Andy Duarte)

What a team! The jaguars at the cross country meet talk about their races and how they did (Andy Duarte)
Glowing! Junior Noah Kavan is crossing the barrier to enter a race at a cross country meet! (Andy Duarte)
Teamwork makes the dream work and the cross country team at bv west is no exception as they prepare for an upcoming race together! (Andy Duarte)
The hustle! Junior Connor Fowles is moving swiftly during a cross country meet (Andy Duarte)
What a run! Junior Sofia Novosel sprints past the competition in a cross country event! (Andy Duarte)
And It Begins! The students start running as De Soto begins the race in the lead. (Julian Duarte)
Good Teamwork! The students from Shawnee Mission Northwest are practicing their sprints while other teams are competing. (Julian Duarte)
Students from De Soto are preparing for their competition in the Lexington Lake Park XC event. (Julian Duarte)
Finish Strong! Jack Horst is running fast as the end of the race is in the horizon. (Julian Duarte)
How intense! Two runners at the cross country event are neck and neck, running for the finish line. (Julian Duarte)
Wow, two runners are right behind one another as Zachary Saylan catches up. (Julian Duarte)
What a feat! Luke Bandre sprints in full force at the Cross Country meet. (Julian Duarte)