C Team Cross Country Meet 9/24

Our BV West cross country team ran an amazing race at the BV Southwest cross country track.


Madyson Starkey, Lexi Reeder

Our JV cross country boys were doing their warmup chant before the race. (Lexi Reeder)
Sophomore Chase Mills runs just yards away from the finish line (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomore Chase Mills Junior Aiden Koudle pass other runners in a tight path turn (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomore runner races for the finish line (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Sophomore Angela Zhen was racing down the hill during the cross country meet. (Madyson Starkey)
Senior Michael Phillips was running past the competition during his race. (Lexi Reeder)
Sophomore Victor Xiao was racing around the curve. (Lexi Reeder)
Juniors Aiden Koudele and Jack Horst and sophomore Chase Mills were waiting for their race to begin.
(Madyson Starkey)