JV and C Team Cross Country 10/5

JV and C Team go to Shawnee Mission Park for one of many meets this season.

Elizabeth Edmondson, Photographer

Senior Sophia Carey races along with her teammates and other competitors (Elizabeth Edmondson )
JV Runner lead the way in the front of the race (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Lead BV West Runner keeps her pace 1 mile in (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Coach Langford encourages her girls While they make their final lap (Elizabeth Edmondson)
JV runners run toghether as they make their way to the finish line (Elizabeth Edmondson)
JV runner keeps her stride as she runs side by side with another racer (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Coach Langford encourages her team from the race boundaries (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Lady Jaguar runs closely with other runners completing a mile into the race (Elizabeth Edmondson)
JV runners stick together during their race (Elizabeth Edmondson)