2/24 Girls JV Basketball vs Aquinas

Junior Jaylee Soule guarding the court. (Carly Gudenkauf )
Sophomore Suyin Howard powering down the court for a layup. (Carly Gudenkauf )
Players await the ball coming down from the basket after a free throw. (Carly Gudenkauf )
Junior Jaylee Soule passing the ball down the court. (Carly Gudenkauf )
Sophomore Millie Reitz at the top of the court dribbling. (Carly Gudenkauf )
Freshman Aubrey Walker dribbling the ball down the court. (Carly Gudenkauf)
Sophomore Cameron Carlise guarding the court. (Carly Gudenkauf )
Sophomore, Liv Gutierrez going for the three. (Carly Gudenkauf )