BVW Boys Varsity Soccer Fat Cat Tournament Championship

Boys varsity soccer won their very own Fat Cat Tournament with a 3-0 record and won the championship game against SMNW 5-0

Alli Kushner, Photographer

The BVW boys run through the sign as a home game tradition (Alli Kushner)
Kaden Cripe runs through the student section’s high five line after a 5-0 victory against SMNW (Alli Kushner)
Aydin Freeman congratulates his friend, Cooper Forcellini after BVW won (Alli Kushner)
Alli Kushner
Drew Newbold makes a kick down the field for a big play (Alli Kushner)
Megan Anderson cheers on varsity soccer! (Alli Kushner)
Colby Reese makes another save and kicks ball down the field to his teammates
Goalie, Colby Reese, makes another save against SMNW (Alli Kushner)
Kaden Cripe kicks soccer ball while being marked by 5 SMNW players (Alli Kushner)
Cooper Marquette sprints to the ball to attempt to score (Alli Kushner)
Senior, Luke Dickerson, sets up a shot against SMNW (Alli Kushner)
Tony Bono and Blake Barrick high five after Barrick’s goal (Alli Kushner)
Cooper Forcellini gets excited after his goal against SMNW (Alli Kushner)
Cooper Forcellini and Cooper Marquette celebrate after Forcellini scored another point of BVW (Alli Kushner)
Pictured here are Cooper Forcellini, Cooper Marquette, and Omar celebrating after another BVW goal (Alli Kushner)
Tony Bono, Cooper Forcellini, Cooper Marquette, and Alek run together in celebration after a BVW goal (Alli Kushner)
Aidan Freeman holds up the drum sticks to get ready for the traditional JPCO chant (Alli Kushner)
JPCO member, Reiss Wood, holds the drum to get ready to hype up the crowd (Alli Kushner)
Varsity boys soccer runs through the sign as a BVW home game tradition (Alli Kushner)