BVW vs. St.James Girls Tennis Senior Night

Junior, Maya Sabapathy, giving a rose to senior, Lisa Ji, honoring her last year playing tennis for West. (Stella West)
Lisa Ji, Sophia Zhao, and Kylie Ulrich; All seniors with their roses for their Tennis Senior Night.  (Stella West)
Senior, Lisa Ji, looking back to her doubles partner after they scored a point. (Stella West)
Sophomore, Ariel Chang, after serving a ball to the other team. (Stella West)
Junior, Sydney Suitor, Preparing to receive a ball at the net. (Stella West)
Sophomore, Ariel Chang, with racket in the air getting ready to receive a ball. (Stella West)
Senior, Kylie Ulrich, serving a ball over the net. (Stella West)
Senior, Lisa Ji, in a ready stance for receiving a ball from the opposing side. (Stella West)
Senior, Lisa J, setting up to hit the ball to the other side with a steady forehand. (Stella West)
Senior, Lisa Ji, about to hit a ball with a very controlled form. (Stella West)
Senior, Kylie Urich, getting ready to receive the ball from the opposing team. (Stella West)