BVW Preforming Arts Showcase

Music, theater, and debate perform together

Seniors Sai Pradhan and Kevin Xu introducing acts and leading the event. (Stella West)
Sophomore Rishab Barve giving a motivational speech.
Sophomore Ivanka Joshi preforming on the violin.
Juniors Kennedy White and Lily Seitz singing in the choir.
Junior Maddie Weeks on the Flute. (Stella West)
Sophomore Hanna Obidean dressed as a granny for a theatre skit. (Stella West)
Choir singing all together for a performance. (Stella West)
Sophomore Bubba Hayne and Junior Emma Burmaster acting out a blind date scenario for theatre. (Stella West)
Senior Lillie Barr acting as a game show host for a theater skit. (Stella West)
Senior Sophia Carey acting on stage for Theatre. (Stella West)
Junior Kennedy White on stage acting in a skit for theatre.
Senior Jack Barton acting as an intense football dad for a theatre skit. (Stella West)
BVW choir preforming their songs for the audience while incorporating dance moves. (Stella West)
Senior Lillie Barr on stage giving a speech for her theatre skit. (Stella West)