Girls Soccer vs. BVHS 4/25

Lauren Frumkin, Photographer

Sophomore Zinesh Holt looks out to her teammates before she throws the ball back in the game. (Lauren Frumkin)
Junior Lydia Ungashick runs after she kicks the ball back into the game. (Lauren Frumkin)
Sophomore Kyra Berman gets ready to pass the ball to her teammate. (Lauren Frumkin)
Sophomores Megan Walters and Rosemary Pujado hug in celebration after Pujado scores a goal. (Lauren Frumkin)
Senior Abby Fries runs and looks to her teammates to try to score. (Lauren Frumkin)
Junior Braelyn Hall throws the ball back into the game. (Lauren Frumkin)
Senior Alexis Morrison runs towards the ball while she looks to her teammates. (Lauren Frumkin)