4/27 Girls Soccer vs. Washburn Rural

Senior Kenzie Ulrich is sprinting to the ball to pass it up the field. (Kaylan Cornelius)
Junior Lydia Ungashick weaves through the Washburn players to bring the ball up to the goal. (Kaylan Cornelius)
Senior Ashley Reecht is setting up to pass the ball. (Kaylan Cornelius)
Senior Audrey Kirk scores the first goal and her team mates congratulate her. (Kaylan Cornelius)
As the ball approaches Lydia Ungashick she jumps up and sets up to head the ball. (Kaylan Cornelius)
Sophomore Kyra Berman is cornered by two Washburn players but eventually pushes through. (Kaylan Cornelius)
Senior Ashley Reecht makes a great save to keep the ball in bounds. (Kaylan Cornelius)
Sophomore Kyra Berman uses footwork to get the ball away from #13. (Kaylan Cornelius)
Junior Lydia Ungashick is bring great power to the ball from the corner kick. (Kaylan Cornelius)
Sophomore Megan Walters is running the ball up the field. (Kaylan Cornelius)
Junior Braelyn Hall is getting ready to throw in the ball. (Kaylan Cornelius)
Senior Kenzy Ulrich runs to kick the ball down the field. (Lauren Frumkin)
Junior Lydia Ungashick gives a hug to Senior Audrey Kirk after Kirk scores a goal for the Jaguars. (Lauren Frumkin)
Junior Lydia Ungashick kicks the ball away from the opposing team. (Lauren Frumkin)
Senior Kenzy Ulrich waves as her name and number are announced. (Lauren Frumkin)
Sophomore Kyra Berman defends the ball from the opposing team. (Lauren Frumkin)