JV Girls Soccer vs BVNW (4/26)

Rebeca Flores Luna, Editor In Chief

Varsity Soccer Player assisting the JV soccer game from the sidelines.

Senior Ashley Reecht giving the ball to the referee to start the game.

Number 17 steals the ball from the BV northwest soccer team and scores!
The BV West girls soccer team kicks the ball away from the opponents.
Number 17 speeds through the opposing team to give the ball to her other teammates.
Junior Ashley Muhelmeier Kicks the ball across the field to score for her team!
BV West soccer player runs to attempt to steal the ball from the opposing team.
The goalie kicks the ball towards the middle of the field while the players attempt to catch it.
BV West player kicks the ball to her teammate to avoid the opposing team from getting it.
Sophomore Katie Kwon passes the ball to her teammates.
BV West JV Soccer player kicks the ball to their side of the field.
BV West soccer player passes the ball to the other side of the field while dodging the opponents.
BV West JV soccer player steals the ball from the opposing team to pass it to her teammates.