Veterans Assembly

Assembly honored veterans on Thursday Nov. 10

Kate and Kailey Dewitt speaking with their veteran grandparent before the assembly starts (Meredith Cohee)
Army Veteran, Steve Layton salutes as the National Anthem plays through the gym. (Jenna Dooley)
Ashley Benson speaking with her veteran grandparent before the assembly starts (Meredith Cohee)
Students from Leavenworth salute at the end of their performance. (Jenna Dooley)
Senior David Han playing with the BV West band during the assembly (Meredith Cohee)
Junior Nick Pearson stands to honor his grandparents. (Jenna Dooley)
BV West choir performing “God Bless The USA” at the assembly (Meredith Cohee)
The Leavenworth Cavalry Angels strike a pose in sync as they perform. (Jenna Dooley)
Mrs. Modelski directing BV West choir during their performance (Meredith Cohee)
Two members of West staff and a former student stand side by side during the National Anthem. (Jenna Dooley)
The Leavenworth Cavalry Angels performing at the assembly (Meredith cohee)
Junior William Clark plays a solo on the violin. (Jenna Dooley)
Veteran John McMillen Speaking at the assembly (Meredith Cohee)