Cookies and Friends Dec. 15

French Club gathers for a holiday treat feast

French Club was an honor society for students demonstrating excellence in the French language. Teachers Anna Dunn and Jessica Murray sponsor the club. The members enjoy French food at each of their monthly meetings. 

Junior Ally Tuck enjoys a graham cracker cookie in Cookies and Friends (Andy Duarte)
Two students talk in Cookies and Friends club while eating some wafer rolls (Andy Duarte)
A cookie creates a smile! A student in Cookies and Friends happily eats a graham cracker cookie with homemade frosting in the middle. (Andy Duarte)
Cookies and creativity! Grace Chandler creates a monument out of sweet rolls and oreos! (Andy Duarte)
What a taste! Junior Sam Pro enjoys a christmas sugar cookie in Cookies and Friends club. (Andy Duarte)
What a selection! Members of Cookies and Friends have many cookies held together by a container. (Andy Duarte)
Sweet conversations! Student in the Cookies and Friends club talk over some delicious treats (Andy Duarte)