JV Girls Soccer vs. Bishop Miege 4/4

Junior Madison Coyne calls to teammate for an open pass. (Morgan White)
Avery Winters chases opponent down attempting to retrieve the ball for her team. (Morgan White)
Freshman Avery Winters takes a throw in. (Morgan White)
Sophomore #3 takes a big kick up the field. (Morgan White)
BV West JV soccer team lines up to receive a corner kick from the left side. (Morgan White)
Grace Osler passes ball to a teammate open across the field (Morgan White)
Junior Isabella Huber forcefully kicks a corner kick. (Morgan White)
Madison Coyne attempts to defend the ball from the opponent. (Morgan White)
Halee Horner and Madison Coyne celebrate with a high five after Madison scored a goal for the Jags. (Morgan White)
Graycen Sherwood races opponent from Bishop Miege to the ball. (Morgan White)
Sophomore Megan Fritz throws in a ball for the Jags. (Morgan White)