BVW Pink Out Football Game – 10/7/21

Annual breast cancer awareness game brings large crowd and 31-7 win to Jaguars

Junior Jack Schneider warms up with his teammates before the Pink Out Game. (Maddie Merchant)


The BVW Varsity football team charges through the Pink Out sign to start the game. (Maddie Merchant)


Junior Lily Ba cheers loudly for the BVW football team at the pinkout game. (Maddie Merchant)


Senior Hannah Nelson participates in one Blue Valley West’s signature student chant. (Maddie Merchant)


Senior Matt Lancaster prepares to defend himself against his opponent. (Maddie Merchant)


Senior Abby Bush smiles and cheers at the student section. (Maddie Merchant)


Junior Kaden Rock charges across the field as the ball is punted to the other team. (Maddie Merchant)


Senior Jewel Slemons plays her bassoon during her solo at the BVW Red and Silver Brigade’s halftime performance. (Maddie Merchant)


The Color guard team proudly wave their flags at the BVW Red and Silver Brigade’s halftime performance. (Maddie Merchant)


Tuba players play their instruments in harmony at the BVW Red and Silver Brigade’s halftime performance. (Maddie Merchant)


Junior Lake Ryan applauds his teammates after an exciting play at the Pink Out game. (Maddie Merchant)


Senior Gage Roach celebrates one of the team’s first touchdowns. (Maddie Merchant)


Junior Jack Schneider is lifted up by his teammate in celebration of a touchdown. (Maddie Merchant)


Senior Gage Roach excitedly points to his friend who just made an amazing play. (Maddie Merchant)


Junior Terrance Saunders stands at the defensive line preparing to make a tacke. (Maddie Merchant)
BVW v. Saint Thomas Aquinas 10/07
Little Jags Cheer Cheering at Pink Out Football Game! (Aditi Mehra)
Little Jag Cheer cheering and dancing to music (Aditi Mehra)
Seniors, Charlie Johnson, Gage Roach, and Jack Ratigan, listening carefully to Coach Copp’s advice and game plan.
Coach talking senior Joey Curtis about game plan (Aditi Mehra )
Senior Brooks Lowe catching a pass (Aditi Mehra)
Senior Brooks Lowe intercepting ball (Aditi Mehra )
Senior Jaden Mayfield kneeling on one leg during the national anthem, as a peaceful protest to recognize. (Nabila Qureshi)
Senior Brooks Lowe preparing for an intercept (Aditi Mehra)
Junior Jack Schneider blocking defense (Aditi Mehra)
Aditi Mehra
Sophomore Sage Huffman scoring touchdown (Aditi Mehra)
Aditi Mehra
Junior Jack Schneider getting ready to make a pass (Aditi Mehra)
Jack Ratigan looking at the score and waiting to play for the next play. (Nabila Qureshi)
Colorguard performing during half time
Colorguard performing during half-time (Aditi Mehra )
Cheerleader cheering for the Blue Valley West football players at the homecoming game. (Nabila Quresh)
Aditi Mehra
aditi Mehra
Aditi Mehra
Aditi Mehra
BVW dance team performing during half -time (Aditi Mehra )
Players getting ready to intercept ball (Aditi Mehra)
Aditi Mehra
Players getting ready for defense (Aditi Mehra)
Senior Brooks Lowe blocking offense (Aditi Mehra)
Little Jag Cheerleaders with BVW Cheerleaders (Aditi Mehra)
Junior Jack Schneider running ball (Aditi Mehra)
Coach Dickerson strategizing with players (Aditi mehra)
Coach talking to player Jack Ratigan (Aditi Mehra)
Aiden Hachenberg catching his breath before the next game. (Nabila Qureshi)
Aditi Mehra
Number 21, Lake Ryan and Number 23, Joey Curtis tackle Aquinas ball carrier. (Olivia Lasley)
Number 42, Jimmy White interferes the ball as he tackles the ball carrier to the ground. (Olivia Lasley)
West quarterback runs down the feild with the ball (Olivia Lasley)
Charlie Johnson runs towards the endzone with the ball while avoiding an interference from the other team (Olivia Lasley)
Number 34, Josh Kidd comes back to the sideline after completing the play (Olivia Lasley)
Number 3, Jack Schneider plays offence while making it to the end zone. (Olivia Lasley)
The boys celebrate the touchdown with eachother (Olivia Lasley)
The boys stand together for the alma mater at the end of the winning game (Olivia Lasley)
Jack Schneider dives for the touchdown! (Olivia Lasley)
West Quarterback, Jack Schneider runs to the endzone while his teammates play offence (Olivia Lasley)
Jack Schneider carries out the play and makes a pass to his teammate (Olivia Lasley)
Jack Schneider gets ready to make a pass to his teammate (Olivia Lasley)
Number 3, Jack Schneider running with the ball on offence. (Olivia Lasley)
Kaden Sheline celebrates a good play with his team mates on the side line. (Olivia Lasley)
Blue Valley West student section throw confetti to celebrate the pink out at halftime (Olivia Lasley)
Fill in Quarter back, Jack Schneider runs the ball down to the end zone. (Olivia Lasley)