Varsity Softball Vs. Saint James

March 30, 2022

Maddie Merchant, Morgan Winner and Aditi Mehra, Photo Editor and Photographers

Senior Alexa Palmer about to pitch ball (Aditi Mehra)


Senior Ashlyn Burt gets in ready position to bat the ball (Aditi Mehra)


Alexa Palmer swinging her hand back as she prepares to pitch the ball (Aditi Mehra)


Senior Ashlyn Burt getting ready to hit the ball (Aditi Mehra)


Sophomore McKenzie Glover happily chats with her teammates in the dugout. (Maddie Merchant)


Sophomore Audrey Dryden proudly watches the softball fly through the air. (Maddie Merchant)


Senior Alexa Palmar prepares to bat. (Maddie Merchant)


Junior Breanne Willson prepares to catch the softball. (Maddie Merchant)


Sophomore Marisa Tomlen puts on her game face on as she prepares to bat. (Maddie Merchant)


Senior Kaitlyn Walters charges towards second base. (Maddie Merchant)


Sophomore Marisa Tomlen practices her swing while she’s waiting to bat. (Maddie Merchant)


Sophomore Bethany Burt slides into home plate and scores for the Jaguars. (Maddie Merchant)


Mckenzie Glover lowers to the ground as she defends third base (Aditi Mehra)


Junior Breanne Willson waits to catch the ball from the Jaguar pitcher. (Morgan Winner)


Senior Alexa Palmer pitches to the opposing team. (Morgan Winner )


Senior Kaitlyn Walters and sophomore Bethany Burt high five after Bethany scores for the Jaguars. (Morgan Winner )


Senior Ashlyn Burt waits for the opposing team to pitch. (Morgan Winner )


Senior Kaitlyn Walters waits to be able to run to home base. (Morgan Winner)


Senior Alexa Palmer pitches to the opposing team. (Morgan Winner)