Red Bag

Advisory classes collaborate to gather holiday gifts for an assigned child in need.

Brady Watts places his advisory classroom’s gift bag on the table, ready for delivery. (Morgan White)
Freshman mentors guide their freshman advisory class in the wrapping and delivery process of red bag. (Morgan White)
Mrs. Garcia guides students as they enter the office with filled red bags for their assigned child. (Morgan White)
Students line the halls outside the office waiting to deliver their heartfelt presents. (Morgan White)
Large piles of gifts for children in need during the holiday season, collected by advisory classrooms fill the office of BV West. (Morgan White)
Max Miller places a name tag onto his red bad to make sure the gifts arrive to the correct child. (Morgan White)
Michael Phillips and Lydia Ungashick work together attempting to get tape to secure their red bag for Mesha. (Morgan White)
Mrs. Garcia lends a helping hand to a Junior advisory class that purchased many large gifts for their child in need. (Morgan White)
Juniors Brooklyn Bartling, Nneameka Okpareke and Emma Cook show their kindness toward children in need over the holiday season by filling a large bag of presents for Zion. (Morgan White)
Abby McClune and Rebecca Flores work together to life their enormous red bag onto the table.
Abby McClune and Rebecca Flores work together to lift their heavy red bag full of gifts onto the table. (Morgan White)
Senior students Abby Fries, Claire Ducharme, Kayla Houle, Will Kopmeyer, Barrett Donaldson and their advisory class arrived in the office with a bag filled with Christmas presents for a child in need. (Morgan White)
Allie Fries, Annabelle Gildemeister, Joey McCarthy and Brady Watts pose for a photo with their filled red bag. (Morgan White)
Ana Landeras, Evan Laubster and their advisory classmates deliver a large bag full of gifts. (Morgan White)