Winter Guard performs in MCCGA Championships

Red and Silver Winter Guard travel to Springfield, MO on April 7 for regional championships

April 7

The Blue Valley West Winter Guard traveled to Springfield, Missouri to attend the Mid-Continent Color Guard Association (MCCGA) championship contest.

The Ruby Guard competed at Ozark High School. They performed their show, Pursuit, to the music of Cirque De Soleil’s, KA. They placed fourth out of 10 in their division. The show design was inspired by the Fire Nation in Avatar: The Last Airbender. The performers were encouraged to act as a member of the Fire Nation throughout the show.

Senior Anna Ferguson begins her last show in competition. Her cheer background was evident as four team members are featured doing front walkovers as the initial focus of attention.

“Guard is what got me through high school,” Ferguson said. “It gave me an outlet for my stress and a way to get involved in the school. There is nothing like the feeling that I get when I perform and it is an experience that I will always remember.”

Soloist senior Emma Faye Sylvester stares down the judges. Her character shines through her attitude and powerful stance.

“I found a family[…],” Sylvester said. “No-one is alone or goes unnoticed[…] It has taught me so much over the years, things which I will never forget.”

BV Southwest (BVSW) student, Elise Dahm, is featured in the sabre line. Two Timberwolves were invited to perform with this ensemble when they found themselves without a coach for the winter season.

Junior Kristin McBee, looks up towards the judges as she prepares to do her rifle work. Many different pieces of equipment are used simultaneously in winter guard to make the show more interesting to the audience.

Freshman Maria Kershaw performs in her fourth season as a member of the guard. Starting in sixth grade, she was excited to finally perform as a high schooler.

Lexi Crain, BV Southwest sophomore, launches herself off the ground as she executes a stag leap. She was featured as a soloist during the dance portion of the performance.

Junior Connor O’Neil and sophomore Jillian Dunlay create texture along the edges during the dance solo. Their movement was slow but deliberate to keep from drawing too much attention away from the main dance group.

SPLITS! Members of the guard display their flexibility in the dance feature. This moment inspired awe and drew an audible gasp from the audience.

Junior Brandon Kohnle and sophomore Riley England were another duo given choreography to make texture around the edge of the floor during the dance feature.

Guard members demonstrate control and coordination executing a layback which takes their balance off-center. This skill served them throughout the performance and was highlighted in the dance section.

Senior Zac Cole brings out a flag which introduces a new tone to the program. The silk opens up to reveal a haunting eye giving this section of the show a darker feeling.

England begins ensemble flag work with a flourish. The flags in this section were designed to mimic fire.

Six! Seniors Sydney Moler (pictured), Furgeson, and  Sylvester are featured on rifle throwing a toss which revolves six times before the catch. 

“Guard has become my safe place in life, I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am without the people in this activity,” Moler said.

Senior Holly Arend closes the show with a solo focused more on character than dance. She gives the judges something to remember after the guard leaves the floor.

Dance! Junior Andrea Rengifo started off Silver’s show, Colour, with a solo and a huge smile.

“[It’s} a place where I can be myself,” Rengifo said. 

Swept off of her feet! Freshman Emma Tuttle lifts freshman Grace Phanstiel off the ground at the beginning of the show.


Hannah Diehl and Missy Hostetter are two of the three BV Southwest students invited onto the silver color guard for the season. They smile up to the judges as they perform their flag work.

Junior Chelsea Park is featured in a dance group at the front of the floor. At this point rifles, flags, and dancers are being featured at the same time.

Junior Elsa Harmon’s skirt flows behind her as she runs out to perform her dance solo as the guard switches flags. She pulls attention from anything happening on the edges of the floor.

A group of dancers is shown opening up in a circle before contracting into a line as the flags throw a single and a half.

The show ends with junior Missy Hostetter and Rengifo (not pictured) reaching toward each other.

The Silver guard poses with their props after their performance in preparation for their retreat.