Fall Music Concerts

A photo gallery featuring the first set of concerts from the BV West Music Department.

Fall Music Concerts

The BV West Music Department has completed their first round of concerts much to the delight of packed audiences for each of them.

The first choir concert featured performances by each of the choir classes. Their program included classical performances in Renaissance costumes, Western music complete with appropriate dress and choreography, modern, popular and jazz music. Music director, Kim Modelski, demonstrated her usual talent for selecting music popular with students and audiences. Her experience as a choreographer was evident as well.

Although busy with marching season, band director, Cheryl Lee conducted the Jazz Ensemble. Their performance featured any number of solos that showcased the talents of many Jaguars.

The orchestra performed two fall concerts: one was in a traditional format with formal concert dress while the other was themed for Halloween with costumes, spooky music and costumes. While the pieces in the traditional concert may have required more expertise, the popular selections coupled with seasonal lighting, candy and “spider-webs” were audience favorites.

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