London New Years Day Parade

The Blue Valley West Red and Silver Brigade were invited and attended the London New Years Day Parade. They spent a week exploring and performing in both the parade and the St. Johns New Year’s Concert.

The Saxophones March and play their music in London (Elizabeth Edmondson)
The band lines up to enter the parade block in the New Year’s Day celebration (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Snare Line hits the drums while marching through London (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Senior Natasha Fitman high-fives the crowd in the Parade (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Senior Ian Ruebelmann dances with Cadence as Drumline plays for the crowd (Elizabeth Edmondson)
The brass marches in the parade as the cadence entertains the audience (Elizabeth Edmondson)
The Red and Silver Brigade Banner Shines through the parade and its members as it travels through London. (Elizabeth Edmondson)
The Colorguard walks with the band to celebrate the new year with spectators (Elizabeth Edmondson)
The trombones blast their notes to showcase their band to the fans (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Base Drum line Marches through the Parade with the Brigade (Elizabeth Edmondson)
The Millennium Wheel spins daily to showcase London and live up to its infamous name the London Eye (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Big Ben and Westminster Castle shine brightly throughout London by the River as a staple of London and the Parliment. (Elizabeth Edmondson)
The Guards of Windsor Castle march down the street at a changing of the guard’s ceremony. (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Junior Sam Pro and Senior Haris Ahad pose while waiting for the changing of the guard ceremony. (Elizabeth Edmondson)
The Woodwinds play their notes adding a melody to the music (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Trumpets play their high notes during rehearsal (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Brass Players play their part in the song during rehearsal (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Director Mr. Love Instructs the band to play their songs for the upcoming concert (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Junior Kendal Marian plays the flute during rehearsal (Elizabeth Edmondson)
Part of the Colorguard travels on the double-decker bus to tour through London. (Elizabeth Edmondson)