Class Day Photo Gallery

Class Day tradition continued with Class of 2015

The Class of 2015 celebrated their time at BV West with musical performances, speeches and the traditional ringing of the school bell one last time.  The ceremony in the gymnasium began with a performance by the band and the senior class filed in dressed in their graduation caps and gowns led by Junior Ambassadors Ally McGill, Anthony Sok and Madison Usher.

Musical performances by seniors Nick Nordstrom and Jenna Reid “wowed” the full gymnasium.  Nordstrom performed a piano concerto that he composed himself and Reid performed a popular song. The pair were chosen to perform after an audition process that included the class officers, teacher Laura Restivo and assistant principal Bryan Brutto.

Principal Dr. Brett Potts began the speeches and served as the coordinator for the event. The class officers also spoke as well as senior Gabe Ng. The class chose teacher Andrew Addington to be the faculty speaker. Addington did not disappoint and spoke with enthusiasm and vigor as he walked among the seniors. His telltale humor and physical performance reminded students of his lectures in AP US History.

The 110 minute ceremony ended with the senior class filing past the school bell to ring it for the last time. The group rang the bell when they entered BV West on their orientation day as incoming freshmen. Graduation will be held at Kemper Arena at 4 p.m. on Sat., May 16.IMG_8280 IMG_8282 IMG_8286 IMG_8287 IMG_8288 IMG_8289 IMG_8290 IMG_8291 IMG_8292 IMG_8293 IMG_8294 IMG_8295 IMG_8296 IMG_8298 IMG_8299 IMG_8300 IMG_8301 IMG_8302 IMG_8303 IMG_8304 IMG_8305 IMG_8306 IMG_8308 IMG_8309 IMG_8311 IMG_8312 IMG_8314 IMG_8315 IMG_8318 IMG_8320 IMG_8327 IMG_8330 IMG_8332 IMG_8333 IMG_8336 IMG_8337 IMG_8339 IMG_8344 IMG_8346 IMG_8349 IMG_8350 IMG_8356 IMG_8363 IMG_8365 IMG_8366 IMG_8367 IMG_8369 IMG_8370 IMG_8374 IMG_8376 IMG_8377 IMG_8378 IMG_8379 IMG_8380 IMG_8381 IMG_8385 IMG_8386 IMG_8387 IMG_8389 IMG_0290 IMG_0291 IMG_0292 IMG_0293 IMG_0303 IMG_0305 IMG_0310 IMG_0311 IMG_0312 IMG_0315 IMG_0320 IMG_0323 IMG_0324 IMG_0325