Repertory Theatre presents “Fools” Dec. 7

Class produced show enjoyed by cast, crew and audience

The cast of “The Fools” poses for a cast photo with big smiles. (Julian Duarte)
William Hunt screams at the top of his lungs as he clutches a bible. (Julian Duarte)
William Hunt gives an authoritative look towards the crowd as the main villain. (Julian Duarte)
How pretty! The main female lead gives a beaming smile as she’s illuminated in light. (Julian Duarte)
Margo Thomas performs a motherly role in the play performance, and does a great job! (Julian Duarte)
Slovitch and Sentsky watch Yenchna as she carries her cow upside down. (Ella Ratigan)
Count Gregor meets Leon for the first time as he explains his plan to marry Sophia and BReak the curse (Ella Ratigan)
Leon hides so he can watch Count Yousekevitch (William Hunt) as he attempts his daily proposal to Sophia. (Ella Ratigan)
Snetsky and Yenchna look confused as Leon Tolchinsky tries desperately to tell them how to break the curse. (Ella Ratigan)
Sophia (Delainey Seibert) concentrates hard as she attempts to sit down in a chair.
The beautiful young Sophia (Delainey Seibert) enters the room gracefully to greet her new teacher. (Ella Ratigan)
Dr. Zubritsky (Jake Barton) sits in deep thought while his wife Lenya (Margo Thomas) looks at him encouragingly, as he tries to think of the word “question”. (Ella Ratigan)
Yenchna (Hannah Lindenlaub) tries to lead the new school teacher (Will Prehn) to the Doctor’s house but hilariously points to the sky instead. (Ella Ratigan)
Slovitch the Butcher(Kennedy White) looks confused as she talks to Mishkin(Emeri Ekstrand) (Ella Ratigan)
Sophia Carey’s character Snetsky calls for her sheep using a horn. (Ella Ratigan)