Boys Varsity Soccer Game against St. James

with a win of 2-0 on 10/05/21


Chloe Peterson

Senior Luis Masroua running to steal the ball

Senior Kaleb Wagner dribbling the ball (Chloe Peterson)
Senior Cooper Forcellini head to head with his opponent (Chloe Peterson)
Junior Cooper Marquette with his eye on the ball (Chloe Peterson)
Senior Kaleb Wagner and Junior Cooper Marquette posing for the camera (Cooper Marquette)
Senior Kadin Cripe racing to the ball (Chloe Peterson)
Senior Luis Masroua running to steal the ball (Chloe Peterson)
Senior Luis Masrous yelling at the goalie to distract him (Chloe Peterson)
Freshman Mateo Mejia happily running down the field (Chloe Peterson)
Senior Tony Bono sprinting towards the ball (Chloe Peterson)
Senior Tony Bono with the ball in his possesion (Chloe Peterson)
Senior Tony Bono trying to get to the ball before his opponents (Chloe Peterson)
Senior Cooper Forcellini dribbling the ball (Chloe Peterson)
Junior Cooper Marquette catching air (Chloe Peterson)
Senior Alek Zdravkovski chasing down the ball (Chloe Peterson)
Senior Ian Muhlbach running to the ball (Chloe Peterson)