Inherit The Wind – Fall Play

Fall main stage evokes unique themes and performances

Julian Duarte, Andy Duarte, Carlyn Voor Vart, Photographer

The lights! A heartfelt moment is shared between two actors in character as their relationship is at a standstill
Oh brother! An actor in the play “Inherit the Wind” is nagging their son in character during a town square meeting
A mix of prominent and goofy! Actors fitted very posh are stood together posing during “Inherit the Wind”
What a stand! A known reporter in “Inherit the Wind” speaks during a riot against evolution
That look! The judge in the play inherit the wind looks with emotion
Mihir Apte laughs in character peering to another actor
What power! The actors put their full emotion into a powerful moment in the play
Menacing! Mihir Apte closes in on a witness to a crime during a tense moment during the play
A Reporter is giving his information about the trial to the public. (Julian Duarte)
The defendant ponders his future and how this trial will play out. (Julian Duarte)
Tyler Masterson plays the defendant in a court case over the matter of religious heresy. (Julian Duarte)
Jake Barton plays an angry preacher very well in the production of Inherit the Wind. (Julian Duarte)
The lawyer is gesticulating with his hands and making his points clear. (Julian Duarte)
The Journalist and Protagonist reminisce over the case and wonder who will win in court. (Julian Duarte)
William Hunt and Mihir Apte act out one of the courthouse scenes in Wednesday’s dress rehearsal of Inherit the wind. (Carlyn Voor Vart)
William Hunt making an oath, to tell the truth during his time on the stand in Inherit the Wind (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Ellen Kryer begging Jake Barton’s character, her father to stop what he is doing and spreading to the people (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Attorney questioning a townsperson during the trial in Inherit the Wind (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Jake Barton being expressive with his ideas and thoughts when talking to townspeople (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Will Prehn acting the role of a judge and helps to moderate the two arguments (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Ellen Kryer showing her emotion after hearing tough news from fellow actor, Tyler Masterson (Carlyn Voor Vart)
McCartney Franklin and Ellie Vaughn, front and center of the townspeople while listening to what they believe is bogus. (Carlyn Voor Vart)
Mayor, Emma Burmaster waiting for the courts decision (Carlyn Voor Vart)