Varsity Football vs. BV Northwest

Huskies blank Jags on Oct. 22

Junior Kaden Rock defends against a BVNW play. (Morgan Winner )
Junior Terrance Saunders goes in for a tackle against BVNW. (Morgan Winner )
Senior Mika Montonen prepares for a field goal kick against BVNW. (Morgan Winner )
Junior Lake Ryan signals for a play. (Morgan Winner )
Senior Matt Lancaster and juniors Zach Darche and Lake Ryan walk off the field after a play. (Morgan Winner )
Sophomore Crew Myers gets ready to catch the ball. (Morgan Winner )
Senior Joey Curtis and juniors Kaden Rock and Lake Ryan walk on the field encouraging each other. (Morgan Winner )
Junior Josh Kidd goes up against BVNW during their last league game of the season. (Morgan Winner )
Senior Brooks Lowe jogs onto the field for the start of the game. (Morgan Winner )
Junior Madi Skorupan cheers on the varsity football team. (Morgan Winner )
Junior Lake Ryan guards the opposing teams player during the game against BVNW. (Morgan Winner )
Varsity cheerleaders cheer on the football team during their last league game of the season. (Morgan Winner)
Quarterback and senior Gage Roach pushes through the opposing team while carrying the ball. (Morgan Winner)
Senior Matt Lancaster looks at the coaches for the next play. (Morgan Winner)
Varsity football boys line up for a play. (Morgan Winner)