BVW Varsity Football 9/3

Jaguars win first game in new stadium with win over rival BV Southwest

Morgan Winner, Photographer

Seniors cheer on their varsity football team on the first football game of the year. (Morgan Winner)
Senior Braxton Symonds celebrates after scoring a touchdown. (Morgan Winner)
Juniors Lake Ryan and John Michael Pujado celebrate a tackle against BVSW. (Morgan Winner
Junior Lake Ryan and senior Gage Roach celebrate a good play. (Morgan Winner)
Junior Kaden Rock cheers on the crowd. (Morgan Winner)
Senior Alyssa Woodhouse cheers on the varsity football boys during the BVW vs BVSW game. (Morgan Winner)
Junior Audrey Kirk cheers on the varsity football team. (Morgan Winner )
Junior Lake Ryan looks to his coaches for the next play. (Morgan Winner)
Senior Braxton Symonds gives a thumbs up to his coaches on the sideline. (Morgan Winner)
Senior Luis Masroua does push-ups after a jaguar touchdown. (Morgan Winner)
Senior Jack Ratigan jogs back to the sideline. (Morgan Winner)
The Varsity football team runs through the banner for their first game of the season. (Morgan Winner )
The varsity football team lines up after a win against BVSW. (Morgan Winner)
Varsity football boys line up for the next play. (Morgan Winner)
Varsity football boys get ready for the play to start. (Morgan Winner)